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Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool – Barclaycard premiership – 12 Nov. 06 November 13, 2006

Posted by erouhban in Liverpool FC, Sports.


What a disaster! This game summarizes the team’s performances of the last ten years or so: very, very, poor.


The major problem is that Mr. Benitez is starting to show traces of stubbornness inherited from Mr. Houllier; in addition to his continuous rotation policy, he starts again with the awful midfield line-up, playing Steven Gerrard out of position on the right, and the aging right winger Boudewijn Zenden in the middle. All the above accompanied by poor performances from Xabi Alonso and Mark Gonzales gave –a not so impressive themselves- Arsenal a walk through the park! The back four seemed solid at first but how Arsenal managed to beat the offside trap time and time again is beyond me.


The manner of the loss is very worrying; no fight whatsoever from the Reds! Let’s just hope they manage to get into the champions League next season. Other than that, NO COMMENT!




1. Moh'd El-Hajj - November 13, 2006

Elyas…just find another team to cheer please !

2. Tariq Naser - November 18, 2006

Liverpool will continue their poor performance until they actualy start to spend money on some high quality strikers. Their mid-field is quite good, lead by Gerrard (who in my opinion is one of the top 5 in the world in that position). It’s just that the strikers are really average strikers. You can never count on them to come up with a goal without the help of the mid-field. They all lack the skills to overtake defenders and most of the time they just depend on the crossings coming from other teammates. You can see how bad England’s National Team’s performance since they started giving Crouch a chance to join the game from the start!

3. Armata Ultra - December 2, 2006

Gerard is to good for England 🙂

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