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Manchester United 7-1 Roma – UCL – 10 Apr. 07 April 11, 2007

Posted by erouhban in Champions League, Sports.

chmps.JPG Manchester United’s display of power against humble Roma yesterday only sealed my conviction in a fact all football enthusiasts know but try to ignore: Like it or not, Manchester United are the strongest football team on the planet. So what makes the Red Devils work ike clockwork?


1-      Employment of both experienced players and young blood. Unlike a few Italian clubs that depend on experienced players (Milan for eg.) and clubs like Arsenal who have teenagers running all over the place, Manchester United employs and uses both experienced players (Giggs, Scholes) and youngsters (Rooney, Ronaldo) effectively.  

2-      Not too many stars, but not too few! Unlike star studded teams (like Chelsea and Real Madrid) and teams that do need a few major signings (my team Liverpool for eg.), Manchester united again employs from all ranks of players (I’ve only heard of Vidic this season), it keeps costs down, squad rotation easy, and provides little bad publicity (keeping stars on the bench is bad propaganda, ask Cappello!).  

3-      Work ethic! Nobody tolerates fiascos at Old Trafford (ask Jaap Stam and Ruud Van Niestelrooy), elsewhere; stars are sometimes recruited without the manager’s full support (Shevshenko and Ballak maybe and prospective club presidents now promise recruiting stars as part of their election campaigns (Real Madrid, Barcelona).  

4-      Finally and most importantly, the perfect blend of attacking flair (the beautiful game) and solid defense Unlike most Italian clubs that are well known for their solid boring defense (Juventus, Inter) and other Dutch and Spanish clubs that entertain but always seem to end up loosing (Valencia, and now Barcelona), Manchester United get it right most of the time, they rarely fail to entertain but are consistent enough to win trophies.

Hats off to Sir Alex!



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